is an Italian literature professor at the DAMS of Roma Tre. She is the author of numerous essays on mystical writers of fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. She wrote on Ariosto and the culture humanistic Renaissance, on Italian writers of the modern era and the problems of periodization that their presence poses to the canon of Italian literature. She was on the editorial staff of “RRromanelrinascimento” and “DWFdonnawomanfemme” and she is one of the founders of the Italian Society of Women Scholars and is part of the Summer Residential Seminar held by SIL; a research group active since 2000 dedicated to themes such as “The literary canon and female writers” “Bildungsroman and stories of training”, “Forms of happiness “, ” Excess and measure”. These seminars resulted in a series of volumes known for their innovative cut such as Critical movements of happiness. Histories, structures and figures of desire, by Donatella Alesi and Laura Fortini, Rome, manifestolibri, 2004, and The novel of becoming. A Bildungsroman of women? edited by Paola Bono and Laura Fortini, Rome, Iacobelli, 2007. Together with Vita Cosentino and the Autoriforma Gentile group supervised the publication of the book Language as a common good, Enna, Open City, 2006. With Paola Pittalis, she is author of the volume I solitudine. Male and female writers of Sardinia, Rome, Iacobelli, 2010 and edited with Mauro Sarnelli Voices and female figures. Forms of self-representation between past and present (conference papers: Sassari 22 to 23 October 2008), Cosenza, Pellegrini, 2012.